Crocheting With Beads-Easy Bead Necklace


Easy Bead Necklace

Crocheting with beads is easier than you think.  There are a few different ways to do it, but for this easy bead necklace, I threaded all the beads that I was going to use onto my yarn before I started.  I found a bead palette by Cousin DIY at Walmart for a couple bucks that is really helpful lining up the beads you plan to use in the order that you are going to use them.  It’s also fine to use a dishtowel to lay out your beads on so that they will not roll away. 


Malabrigo Lace Yarn, 100% baby merino wool, 470 yards/50 grams, color arco iris 866, uses approximately 1gm
Steel hook 0/3.25mm
20 beads, 3 dangling beads, 2 end beads, toggle fastener, 2 cord end caps
Dental floss threaders


Gauge is not critical.


Necklace is 18 inches wide.

Pattern Notes

Each strand worked separately using yarn doubled.   Leave 6 inch tail at each end for tying at end.

Special Stitches

Bead chain stitch—snug bead close to hook and make a chain stitch.

Dangle bead chain stitch—same as bead chain stitch with a dangle bead



Bead ch-bead chain 

Dangle bead ch-dangle bead chain


Strand 1

Leaving 6 inch tail, make a slip knot and ch 68, fasten off, leave 6 inch tail.

Strand 2

Using the dental floss threader, thread 8 beads on a double strand of yarn.

Leaving 6 inch tail, make slip knot and ch 14, *(move 1 bead close to hook and make 1 bead chain, ch 5), repeat from * 6 times, make 1 bead chain st, ch 14, fasten off, leave 6 inch tail.  8 bead ch st and 63 ch

Strand 3

Using dental floss threader, thread beads onto yarn in the following order:

5 small beads, 1 dangle, 1 small, 1 dangle, 1 small, 1 dangle, 5 small beads

Leaving 6 inch tail, make slip knot and *(chain 5, bead chain), repeat from * 4 times, ch 5, dangle bead ch, ch 3, bead ch, ch 3, dangle bead ch, ch 3, bead ch, ch 3, dangle bead ch, *(ch 5, bead ch), repeat from * 4 times, ch 5, fasten off leaving a 6 inch tail.  72 ch, 12 bead ch, 3 dangle bead ch


Tie an overhand knot at each end, tying all 3 strands together close to the end of the chains.  Using the dental floss threader, thread the yarn through an end bead, a cord end cap, and 1 side of the toggle.  Snug the cord end cap up near the toggle and crimp closed using a crimping tool or flat nosed pliers.  Thread the tail back through the end bead to bury, cut off close to bead.  Repeat on the opposite end.  Enjoy!

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